About Us

Our owner, Bill Massarone, has worked in the lighting industry for 10 years, having trained and worked with the nation’s largest national franchise lighting company. Since starting his own local business in 2012, Bill and his family have worked to create a company that delivers superior design and installation techniques and an exceptional family-feel customer service. Our team is dedicated to creating the prefect outdoor lighting system and executing it in a way that will not interfere with your life. 

Why Us?

At Lexington Outdoor Lighting our philosophy is to provide our customers with the very best outdoor LED landscape lighting systems. We searched worldwide for the very best outdoor lighting fixtures; fixtures good enough to offer our customers lifetime warranties. Oiled cast bronze fixtures that blend in beautifully with the landscape of your home and property. Our search led us to Sterling Lighting who  manufactures the finest integrated LED fixtures in the world. We combine our completely waterproof materials and installation techniques to install the finest outdoor lighting systems for our select customers. 

Meet Our Team

Design Expert and Installation Manager

The Citadel

Nick Massarone is our design expert and installation manager. 

Office Manager and Marketing Manager

College of Charleston

Loren Massarone-Tweed is our office manager. She answers the phone, makes the schedule and handles billing and receiving. 

Co-Founder and Owner

Eastern Kentucky University

Melinda Massarone is a co-owner and founder of Lexington Outdoor Lighting.

Co-Founder and Owner

University of Kentucky

Bill Massarone is a co-owner and founder of Lexington Outdoor Lighting.