Our Customers Are Our Family!

Jim M- Lakewood

"My wife and I love the lights! Best money we have ever spent on our house!"

Walt A.- The Legacy

"Your fixtures are so much better than our old system. The placement you chose for our fixtures has completely changed the look of our house!"

Susan R.- Saint Ives

"Absolutely beautiful and done in such a timely fashion! Just walked outside with wine in hand and am so pleased. Many thanks to you!"

Bob W.- Beaumont Reserve

"Wow! Our house looks so good we drove around the block three times just to look at it from all angles. The fixtures are so elegant looking." 

Quint T.- Windhaven

Thank you. Excellent work!

Dale H.- Castlegate

"Our lights are just perfect! Just the look we were looking for in a lighting system. You are the only contractor we use that does what he says!" 

We don't just install a system and walk away!

Jim R.- Champions

"We love the look of our house so much we're putting it on our Christmas card this year!"

Hartley B.- Chevy Chase

Just Perfect. Not too much just right! We love the system!"

Eric G.- Midway

"You got it just perfect. We were worried how lighting would look on a historic home but you did a great job!"

Scott B.-Firebrook

"All our neighbors tell us how much they love our lights as they walk by each evening."

Fedra C.- Nicholasville

"Thank you for your work! We love how the job turned out! It looks beautiful!"

Barbara I.- Brighton Woods

"Thanks so much your your wonderful service! I love the lights! They make a big difference in the appearance of our house!"