A beautiful home and property deserves to be noticed and admired. At Lexington Outdoor Lighting our philosophy is that outdoor lighting should enhance the natural beauty of your home and property. We do this by accentuating the architectural features of your home with an elegant design. We base this design off of our professional opinion and your personal needs whether that be specific entertainment areas, security and safety or energy efficient needs. It is our goal to create a warm atmosphere in your outdoor space so that you look forward to being outside. We offer outdoor lighting designs that meet any budget and taste. Our experts can bring the best of any home and property whether it be a neighborhood home or a farm house.

Installation and Maintenance

At Lexington Outdoor Lighting our goal is to install your system and when were done it will look like we were never there. We go the extra mile to ensure that your system is installed as cleanly and efficiently as possible. We only use superior products. Our high quality outdoor lighting fixtures and connections ensure that your system operates effectively with minimal maintenance required for years to come. We are a fully insured and licensed outdoor landscape lighting company.  

We take extra steps to ensure that your outdoor lighting system is as maintenance free as possible. Our tools allow us to bury our wires at a minimum depth of 6 to 9 inches which is double the depth of most other outdoor lighting companies. We take care to work around tree roots, yard irrigation lines and invisible dog fences while installing wiring. Having perfectly straight path lights years after their installation is an expectation at Lexington Outdoor Lighting. We cement any fixture that will stand more than 8 inches off of the ground to ensure that our design lives up to our standard of excellence. We only use superior, top of the line connectors for all of our electrical connections. These connections encapsulate the wiring to ensure that they will look the same 10 years later as they did the day we installed them.  

High Quality Lighting

We only use Sterling Lighting’s superior fixtures. Sterling Lighting created a signature line of fully- dedicated and integrated fixtures, featuring only high-grade materials, including marine-grade, virgin brass and 316 stainless steel, the latest in LED technology, and innovative designs that improve our installation process. 

Spot Light

Sterling Lighting Oiled Cast Bronze Integrated LED Spot Light

Path Light

Sterling Lighting Oiled Cast Bronze Integrated LED Path Light

Flood Light

Sterling Lighting Oiled Cast Bronze Integrated LED Flood Light