Concierge Service

Concierge Service

Lexington Outdoor Lighting now offers concierge service! This service is your cost effective way to achieve "perfect illumination" 365 days a year! These packages offer two service calls a year that include: adjusting fixtures for optimal illumination, clean fixture lenses and secure pathway lights, 2 bulb replacements at no charge, inspected repair wiring and electrical connections and check and re-program your timer if necessary. With these packages you will also receive 10% off any additional fixtures that you add to your system!

                                                                1 Year Service- $189.00

                                                                2 Year Service- $289.00  


Lexington Outdoor Lighting offers a lifetime warranty on our fixtures. We will repair or replace any fixture that fails for the life of your system. We also offer free bulb replacement for the first 5 years of your system.