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CURRENT SPECIAL:  Now offering complete 8 fixture LED Landscape Lighting Systems starting at $1699.00!

Our Budget Friendly line of landscape lighting  designs, manufactures and distributes all of our products, from outdoor lighting to grow lights – that’s why our prices are unbelievably low. With in-house engineers and lighting experts, the Budget Friendly product lines we choose use the latest LED and control technologies to manufacture the best LED lights for residential landscapes, commercial offices and industrial spaces.

Why choose Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low voltage (12V) is the most popular outdoor lighting option for residential use. It improves the beauty, safety and security of any home, and lets you enjoy your outdoor living spaces after the sun goes down. Low voltage lighting is a great DIY project because it’s easy to install and involves very little risk of electric shock, with wires that can be directly buried in shallow trenches. Plus, energy-efficient LEDs reduce the cost of running your landscape lighting system by up to 85 percent.

Our Line of  Budget Friendly LED Systems features:

  1. Brass fixtures with lifetime warranty.
  2. Brass Knuckles for easy and reliable adjustment
  3. Premium internal components
  4. Interchangeable MR16 LED bulbs
  5. Ceramic high temp sockets.

The benefits of High Performance Outdoor lighting include:

  • Improve Security:  Deter intruders with high quality outdoor lights throughout your property.
  • Ensure Safety:  Prevent trips and falls by improving pathway, garden, yard, deck and dock visibility.
  • Create a Masterpiece: Greet guests with a beautifully illuminated outdoor landscape that welcomes and delights.
  • Lifestyle & Utility:  Use LED outdoor lights to continue enjoying your backyard oasis after the sun goes down.
  • Be Green with LED:  Save up to 85% in energy costs with environmentally friendly LED lighting.

Budget Friendly Product Line

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