Frequently Asked Questions

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It is our goal to create a warm atmosphere in your outdoor space so that you look forward to being outside. We offer outdoor lighting designs that meet any budget and taste. Our experts can bring the best of any home and property whether it be a neighborhood home or a farm house.

What should I know about outdoor lighting?

Outdoor Lighting has gone thru a complete change in the technology that powers outdoor lighting with the use of LED circuits. Today’s systems are on average 10 times more efficient and the circuits can last as long as 10 to 15 years with normal use.

What time of the year should I have my lights installed?

Our fixtures are Marine Grade Oiled Cast Bronze and our systems are totally sealed and waterproof so we are able to install our system all year around!

What are the advantages & disadvantages of LED lighting?

Compared to halogen lighting there are no disadvantages to LED lighting. Integrated LED fixtures require no bulbs and use approximately 80% less electricity than halogen bulbs.

How do I know it will be bright enough?

All of our fixtures are independently adjustable to brightness and color.

What is the difference between outdoor lighting and landscape lighting?

Traditionally outdoor lighting was the high voltage or line voltage fixtures such as porch fixtures, carriage lights and pole lighting. Landscape lighting uses low voltage high efficiency  LED technology. The fixtures are used in the design of your system to enhance and display the architecture and outdoor landscape of your home.

Will outdoor lighting affect my home's market value?

Today’s buyers are looking for attractive outdoor living spaces. Professionally installed landscaping lighting attracts potential buyers and adds value to your home.

Why should I use a professional installer?

You have invested a lot of money into your home and hiring a landscape lighting professional company ensures the best possible result. Our only business is outdoor landscape lighting. It’s our specialty!

What will the cost be to operate outdoor lighting?

Our high efficiency integrated fixtures only use an average of seven watts per fixture. Twelve of our fixtures use about the same electricity as one 100 watt traditional light bulb.That is a substantial  energy savings for the same amount of light!

How can I make my outdoor lighting more energy efficient?

If your transformer, connectors and wiring are all in good shape we can retro fit your fixtures with updated energy efficient fixtures saving you significant dollars on the installation and on future energy and maintenance costs.

What is involved with ongoing maintenance of my outdoor lighting?

Lexington Outdoor Lighting offers several very affordable maintenance  programs that will keep your system looking brand new and giving you years of trouble free service.

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A beautiful home and property deserves to be noticed and admired. At Lexington Outdoor Lighting our philosophy is that outdoor lighting should enhance the natural beauty of your home and property.