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We only use Sterling Lighting’s superior fixtures. Sterling Lighting created a signature line of fully- dedicated and integrated fixtures, featuring only high-grade materials, including marine-grade, virgin brass and 316 stainless steel, the latest in LED technology, and innovative designs that improve our installation process.

Sterling Lighting began with a group of lighting professionals passionate about developing the perfect fixture, with both the contractor and homeowner in mind. The founders, who have over 30 years of collective experience designing and installing light fixtures, had previously worked on independent fixture design projects, lending their expertise to improve the design and function of fixtures already on the market. They soon realized that their talents and energy would be best utilized by creating their own, distinct line of high-quality landscape and architectural lighting fixtures.

Sterling Lighting viewed the current state of the fixture design and manufacturing industry and went against the grain to focus solely on LED, recognizing it as an energy-efficient and viable light source for the landscape lighting industry. Sterling Lighting’s team set out to not only design great fixtures, but to also design their own LED source for the fixtures. They assembled a team of seven engineers and a factory management team to create their own custom line of lights. Their aim was to achieve the most advanced, durable, and aesthetically pleasing lights on the market.

Sterling Lighting’s founders and team have a passion for innovation and quality in fixture design and production. Our goal is to revolutionize our industry and help small businesses in the lighting design and installation field by offering a high-quality product at reasonable prices.

What Sets Our Fixtures Apart: Better by Design

  • High Color Rendering Index (CRI). This allows our lighting designs to appear more vivid and crisp.
  • Premium, virgin brass. The high-quality materials we use provide strength to our fixtures and do not have the impurities of recycled brass that pit and corrode over time.
  • Maximum versatility. By adjusting the light output and beam angle, our designers can truly hone in and create the perfect look every time.
  • Field-serviceability. On the rare occasion we have to service a fixture, we only have to replace a component, not the entire fixture.
  • Tight binning. This basically means our LEDs emit consistent color from fixture to fixture.

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